Sunset, Sunrise…Days Like These

We went to Quinault Beach Resort in Ocean Shores this last weekend.  Yes, we are aware that the beach is not great in Ocean Shores (sorry to the handful of you that like it).  But, the resort has nice rooms with fantastic ocean views that we find irresistible.  And, on certain days the beach can be quite nice.

We were at the casino to pre-celebrate the husband’s birthday (I will not reveal his age, but let’s just say it’s a lot closer to 50 than it is to 40).  The plan?  To enjoy the view as much as possible and not lose our shorts in the casino.  Which isn’t a true risk because, well, we’re cheap when it comes to gambling.

20180113-Quinault-ocean shores-3

We arrived at the casino a little after two.  I had requested an ocean view room on the top floor and it wasn’t quite ready, yet, which was fine with us.  It was a perfect opportunity for a walk on the beach.

20180113-Quinault-ocean shores-29

I had warned the husband the day before that the weather report wasn’t looking so good for our time at the beach (read:  50% chance of rain).  He confidently assured me that it wasn’t going to rain.

20180113-Quinault-ocean shores-42

Remember that the husband is from Idaho.  Something about living land-locked for all of those years has instilled within him a passion for the motion of the ocean.  He also seems to have an uncanny knack for bringing good beach weather with him.  Oh, wait, sweetie pie…remember when we went to Donna and John’s last June and wanted to go for a walk on the beach that first evening and got absolutely rained out?  Okay, there was that one time.  But, for the most part he brings good weather with him.  He came through again last weekend.

20180113-Quinault-ocean shores-70

We strolled on the beach for about an hour, walking first one way until hitting a stream too deep to cross, then the other until the same thing happened.  We promised each other that next time we go to the beach in winter that we’ll pack rubber boots.

20180113-Quinault-ocean shores-119

Arriving back at the casino we were able to check in, spoiling our plans to go into the bar for a cocktail.  After admiring the view we decided we were quite thirsty and made good on that drink.  From there we retired back to the room for the sunset and a bottle of sparkling wine.  Yes, I ducked and dodged the water spots on the window and photographed the sunset from inside rather than out.  The photos would have been much better had I been on the beach, but we were enjoying ourselves.

20180113-Quinault-ocean shores-130

After sunset we headed back downstairs for dinner at the casino’s sports bar, then made our way into the casino for a little bit of action.  I have one slot machine that I play: Milk Money.  Cartoon cows with bonus matches…can it get better than that?  Well, it can.  Those cows promptly sucked down $20.  I stepped away in disgust.

20180113-Quinault-ocean shores-148

The husband was loitering near the craps table, trying to decide if he wanted in on the game.  He finally decided the answer was yes, so I returned to the cows.  Another $20 was quickly lost…without even a bonus round…and I called it quits.  The husband, in about the same amount of time, had also lost $40, so we called it a day and returned to the room.

20180114-Quinault-ocean shores-55

We had agreed to go for another walk on the beach the next morning and, when we awoke, it became apparent that sunrise was going to be quite magnificent.  I began pulling on jeans and the husband stared at me from bed, a cup of coffee in his hand.  It was apparent that I was going it alone.  That’s okay.  He’s the birthday boy.

I hit the beach.  It was windy.  It was cold.  And, just around sunrise on a January morning…empty.  Mine.  All mine.  I started in the beach grass, then moved onto the shore.  The light?  Luscious.  Pink and purple and blue.

20180114-Quinault-ocean shores-19

As the sun came up behind me it reflected off the waves.

20180114-Quinault-ocean shores-40

And the sandpipers were out in force (the husband and I were referring to them as squeaky toys the next day as that’s what they sound like), far outnumbering the seagulls.  They are so fun to watch…they move as a herd…a very fast herd…and will run from waves like their little legs are going to fall off.

20180114-Quinault-ocean shores-59

It was…beautiful.  My nose wouldn’t quit running because of the wind and the cold, but I was not deterred.  Finally, the sun was high enough that the magical light had passed.  I went back up to the room, reheating the tea I had abandoned in my haste to get outside.  We enjoyed a leisurely morning, then brunch in town before pointing the car home.

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