The Light of a Winter Morn…

Winter can be tough here in Western Washington for an outdoor photographer.  I know, boo-hoo….I could be up to my neck in snow.  And, I do appreciate that I’m not up to my neck in snow.  But, sometimes, after it’s been raining for days on end…well, it gets a little old.

The initial weather report for this last weekend was rain.  Perfectly expected.  It is January, after all.  Then, as is often the case, the weather report changed at the last minute.  Saturday:  partly sunny.  High of 43.  Irresistible.  Destination:  Nisqually Wildlife Refuge.

My original goal was to be out there in time for sunrise.  We’ve had some spectacular ones ’round here recently…most viewed by yours truly as I drive to work (with sighs and gnashing of teeth that I’m a) headed to work and b) don’t have my camera).  But…best laid plans.  I may it out there shortly after sunrise (good ’nuff), strapped on my camera, shoved a second lens in one deep pocket and a crystal ball in the other and headed out.

The morning?  Gorgeous.  Fantastic.  Beautiful.  The light was perfect.  Perfect, warm winter light.

I paused at one of the ponds with the goal of catching reflection perfection.  I was foiled by the slightest whisp of a breeze and ducks and geese who insisted upon paddling back and forth across the surface of the pond.  However, with light like that?  Who cares.


I next paused at the twin barns, actually taking a bit of time to wander close.


From there I headed out the gravel path towards the boardwalk that winds its way out over the delta.  The tide was high, the people were few, the weather was cool but not ridiculously frigid.  I noticed a woman coming towards me, pausing to photograph something.  It could have been a myriad of things…lots of subjects.  Turns out it was this handsome subject, hanging out just off the path in (again) that gorgeous morning light:


I hit the boardwalk, happy to see the tide was high.  I have a difficult time comprehending, how, despite the fact that high tide occurs two times a day, I very seldom seem to hit the delta at high tide.  Usually it’s a large mudflat.  Not so that morning.


Far out on the boardwalk I pulled out my crystal ball.  I’m still very much getting the hang of this fun little orb of glass, but I kind of dig this one.  Boardwalk forever.


Back down the boardwalk, around the gravel path, I stopped to stare at a tall bare tree in the distance.  It’s a favorite of the eagles this time of year, which proved true that day.


I hit the “woods” boardwalk…slippery, wet and mottled with moss.


I finally wound my way back to the car, snapping a few final photographs of the boardwalk, which never, ever gets old.  A perfect morning at a favorite place.


6 thoughts on “The Light of a Winter Morn…

    1. Looks like high tide is at 5:30 tomorrow with low at 10:44. If you’re there by 8 you should still have decent water levels, I think. Helping you out… 😉


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