Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

Have I bored you with my aspen  (and here, too) photos, yet?  Is it possible to become bored with aspen photos?  I think not.  But, I was about to let it go and move on…until I read the topic for the Weekly Photo Challenge:  shine.  A theme that just begged me to dip one last time into the aspen photo collection for this beauty:

weekly photo challenge:  shine, wishingmylifeaway.com

I know that sunbursts in photography can be overdone (confirmed by Ralph Hopkins during that little NatGeo workshop I participated in last week).  But, I love them and will continue to sprinkle them through my work simply for my own viewing pleasure.  Plus, I can’t consistently capture them, so it’s fun to try to do just that.

But, how can you resist that sunburst, shining through the symmetry of those beautiful aspen trees?  You can’t.  I can’t.

Have a shiny Friday!

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