Weekly Photo Post: Careful

This week we were challenged to post our interpretation of “Careful.”  “A photo taken with care, a person being careful, or a task or detail requiring care.”

This is where I confess that I took a photo a few days ago that I totally wanted to use for this week’s challenge.  Which means I was going to manipulate the theme (whatever the theme may have been) to fit my photo.

When I first read the word “careful” I groaned to myself.  Careful brings to mind yield signs, closed roads, slippery slopes.  Not autumn leaves.  But, I kept reading and hit the part that said, “A photo taken with care…”  A-ha!  My loophole!

This photo was taken with care.  I knew that I wanted bokeh.  I knew I wanted one particular leaf to be the focus, but the entire photo to be filled with leaves.  I knew I would pretty much have to get on my belly to get the shot I wanted.  It took a few shots, a few adjustments, but I’m happy with the results.

And, thus…careful….

Weekly Photo Challenge, cookdrinkhike.wordpress.com

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Post: Careful

  1. And you have to be so careful with autumn leaves because they crumble so easily😀😀. I often do the same with theme manipulation so understand your groan completely. But somehow we always find a way, don’t we?!

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