Weekly Photo Challenge

The challenge for this week?  Transition.  Easy-peasy!  There is lots of transition going on here in the great Pacific Northwest.

Fall is giving its last gasp and the leaves are dropping from the trees at an alarming rate.  The husband bought himself a brand-spanking new Stihl blower and has been going to town on the copious amounts of maple leaves littering the yard.  And, over the last week or so?  Frost.  Chilling frost.

This morning I was sitting in my parents’ living room and found my eye drawn to a small shrubby bush-tree in their yard.  Mostly bare, a few vivid red leaves still cling stubbornly to it’s branches.  Mom reports that it is a Burning Bush and said that it was stunning a couple of weeks ago.

Still, even in it’s transition there is something beautiful about it.

Weekly Photo Challenge, cookdrinkhike.wordpress.com

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