Why Blog Now, Part Deux

After being “live” for three months I’ve signed up for WordPress’ “Blogging 101” course.  The first assignment is too tell why we’re blogging.  I did that three months ago, but it’s interesting to read back over that and see, how in this short amount of time, the blog has already changed.  It was very much intended to be a cooking blog.  And, I guess it still could be.  I suspect that it will continue to change over time.

I’m in a different job than I was then.  Same organization, different position.  Thus far, in the 4 weeks I’ve been there, I’ve really enjoyed myself.  I’m in a much better place than I was 3 months ago over the loss of my best feline friend.  Still miss her, but the stories I now tell are told with a smile, not tears.  I still cook.  Regularly. Usually without recipes, or greatly modifying recipes.  But, it’s a lot of work writing down how much of this ingredient or how much of that ingredient I put in a recipe, particularly when I’m not measuring.  It’s also a whole lot of work to take pictures of said food when it’s 7 pm at night and I’m tired from work and the gym and just want to eat that food.  Which is why, if you scroll through my archives, you’ll note a lack of recipes.

This blog has become more of a weekend activity diary, intermixed with some weekday yammering.  When I was writing about our hike this last weekend I said to the husband that between the blog and trip reports on WTA I’ll be able to track our mileage for the summer.  It remains a blog within which I share family memories, as noted in the recent rock hound blog.  I’ve collected more followers than I expected in this short period of time and I can tell you that I have gotten a jolt of excitement with the addition of each and every one of you.  It’s fun and humbling to know that what I find interesting enough to write about you find interesting enough to read.

Actually, if I’m completely honest, Friday has become one of the most exciting days of the week for me.  I live for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.  I find it ridiculously fun to receive the theme and either take a fresh shot or scour the archives for just the right one.  And now that I have the new camera…..

So, here we are…Blogging 101.  The purpose?  To learn more about set-up of my page so I can polish it.  To be honest, I’ve barely touched it since starting the blog. Part of that is lack of time.  Sometimes it’s tough enough to get blogs written with photos uploaded and placed.  So, why not take a course that will, over the span of a month, walk me through some of the technical sides of blogging that I’ve not explore.

Assignment 1:  done!

8 thoughts on “Why Blog Now, Part Deux

    1. Isn’t it a bit of an addiction? The photo challenge? I usually try to avoid looking at other posts until I’ve selected and posted my photo. I want to see how I interpret the theme without being influenced by others. It’s a dumb (but fun) game.

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  1. I think it’s a really good idea that you’re doing Blogging 101 and the photography challenges. I dearly wish I would’ve done some things like that when I started out so I could’ve connected with more people in the beginning. When I was starting out I felt like my site was too “all over the place” and I got it in my head that I’d make it better over time and the social connecting process would take care of itself. Well……. it’s still “all over the place” and now I’m like the empty restaurant people are afraid to go into because there are no customers, haha!


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