Weekly Photo Challenge: Security (Guard)

“Show us something that shows security…” instructs the Weekly Photo Challenge.  Okay. How about the yard Security Guard, aka Colby Jack the large orange cat?

CJ (street name CJack) is our indoor/outdoor (much more indoor than outdoor) rescue cat.  Outside is lovely…when the sun is shining and the ground is dry.  Not so much when it’s wet (it’s tough to have such high standards when living in the Pacific Northwest).

There are also rules about how far one is allowed to wander outside the perimeter of the yard (okay, part of that is our fault…we’ve discouraged him from going into the “great beyond,” which is the property outside the break in the yard).

This photo was taken last weekend.  I was wandering around the yard with my camera, as I am apt to do.  CJ was wandering with me, as he is apt to do.  I went out into the great beyond to check out a newly fallen tree and, after poking around for a few minutes, heard a familiar cry.  I looked back towards the house and there he sat, my little Security Guard, advising me that I had wandered into the danger zone.

Always my protector, my faithful friend.


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