Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

I’ve been trying to “shoot in the moment” in response to the weekly photo challenge. But this week the challenge is curve, and I immediately thought of a photo in the archives that totally fits…and I just like it.

Western Washington is blessed each spring with Kwanzan cherry blossoms. Big, fluffy, showy poofs that fill me with delight. I will never tire of them. And though I mourn their short season I also respond to Kwanzan “snow” with a delight that is almost parallel to that felt when the blossoms are on the trees. This spring I took advantage of a parking lot full of trees to capture the fallen petals. In this one, they gracefully follow the curve of the curb. 

Sigh. Can’t wait for next spring!! Well, maybe I can…my dahlias have started blooming and I don’t want to wish them away.

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