Well, it’s been a pretty uneventful long weekend.  Which is good.  We got a lot of stuff done around The Homestead.  It’s an ongoing beautification project.  All of the pots now have flowers in them.  Tomatoes have been planted.  We’re watching with eagerness as the radish, beets, lettuce, spinach, etc. emerge from the ground and start their march towards our bellies.

We enjoyed two chiminea fires on the patio.  I smoked and grilled a mean rack of ribs on the Traeger.  We drank some good wine.  We laughed.


Colby Jack wandered about the yard in all of his glorious orangeness.


We laughed.

I caught up with a girlfriend over chai, went to two yoga classes led by my favorite teach, made lasagna roll ups for tomorrow’s dinner and quinoa caprese salad for my lunch this week.


We ate rum cake with fresh strawberries and cool whip.

The husband split wood while I hauled out branches and small logs.

The husband wielded a torch, a hoe, a machete and clippers…all to tame the ever-encroaching green.  I wielded slug bait, round-up and a garden shovel.


The only bummer was the missed hike.  Curbed because of someones bilateral patellofemoral syndrome that makes walking downhill particularly painful and walking on uneven surfaces not much better.  Sigh.  I had hoped if I ignored it it would go away. Hopefully PT will whip me into hiking shape.

And, then, today…hummingbird stalking.  Not a shabby way to end the weekend.



And there are leftover ribs for dinner.  With orzo salad.  And broccoli salad.  There are worse things.



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