Hi!  I’m LaNae.  I’m midish 40’s, married, live in Western Washington and have a full-time career.  While I enjoy my job it, unfortunately, does not involve any of my passions:  cooking, drinking, hiking, reading, photography and traveling.  All of the great -ings of the world.  I started this blog in March 2015 in response to a bit of a, dare I say, mid-life crisis.  I was looking for an outlet for my favorite -ings (and things).  The blog started under the banner Cook, Drink, Hike (thus the url), but in just a few short months I found that what I initially thought the blog was going to be about wasn’t quite what it was about.

I’ve discovered that the bulk of my posts come out on the weekends, when we do stuff. On Mondays I have been known to say, “I can’t wait until Friday!” Which made me think of a phrase my Mom would say to me when I was a kid and was constantly saying “I wish….it was the weekend, it was summer, it was Christmas, it was my birthday, the car ride was over.” She would look me in the eye and say, “Don’t wish your life away.” Ain’t that the truth. The older I get the faster time seems to slip by. And yet I still do it….I wish it was the weekend…I wish it was vacation….I wish, I wish, I wish.

Out of that came the title: Wishing My Life Away with the tag line: Living for the weekend, loving the in between and dragging you along for the ride.

What do I cover?  Heavy on photography and the outdoors, two of my great loves.  I have a Canon 60D and am passionate about learning the art of photography and finding my vision. You’ll likely hear stories about family.  Because I love them. If I tell you about someplace I will try to include some history (that degree in history has to be used on something).  Actually, consult my list of favorite -ings as detailed in paragraph one…that gives you some idea of what to expect.

So, join me on the weekends as we wander about the countryside.  And stick around for the in-betweens…you never know what may happen.

34 thoughts on “About

  1. your blog looks interesting! I see you are quite regular unlike me ;). Keep up the good work. I will be looking out for good hiking places for my next trip to Washington


    1. Nice to meet you as well! I like the idea of following local folks as it will give me ideas about new places to visit. Your recent post about
      St. Edward Park is a perfect example. Never been there, want to go now. 🙂

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  2. Hi LaNae, thanks for visiting my site at some point in the presumably-recent past. I just noticed a Like from you which I’m not sure how I missed since my blog isn’t exactly Madison Square Garden and I generally get pretty excited whenever there’s evidence of someone looking around. We both like hiking (I’m a WTA nerd, too) and photography…….


    1. Thanks, Mani! I was attracted to your site by your Mt Hood post for the weekly photo challenge. I’m originally from the Oregon coast and always find myself drawn to blogs that include entries about the homeland. 🙂


  3. Love your blog!!! I am following for sure. My blog came from an almost mid-life crisis as well. I can totally relate 😉


  4. Good Sunday Morning. I have arrived here for a visit on the suggestion over cybercoffee of Terri Webster Schrandt. Glad I did! Look forward to following your website.


  5. Loved looking at your blog and cookdrinkhike is the best as a title. I use a subtitle- Eat Walk Read- which pretty much sums me up on shakespeareinthemountains.wordpress. Great photos and I like the way you talk about them. I could relly learn something there.


  6. Hi LeNae! The link on yesterday’s post doesn’t work (3/7). Since it still doesn’t work today, thought I’d let you know. Also the post is not on your homepage, so maybe (likely) you took it down and I need to get out of your face 😁 Gretchen


    1. It should be there now…I accidently published too early. Let me know if all is working…for some reason it’s not showing in my feed though WP says it’s published.


  7. surely this is an awesome blog…I guess we all want to create that space of ours…some of end up creating blog as our outlet..happy to be here on blogo-spehre and come across great bloggers like you! Do you hike regularly?


      1. Oh! that’s like sitting on a gold mine but still pressed for money! I know how pressured one feels with work. I hope you get more time to pursue your stuff!

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  8. Hi Lanae, how lovely to find your blog and meet you. Seems as though we share the same passions, travel, wine, food, weekends, hiking … yes I live for the weekend too (I try and love the in between as well, but it’s never quite as much fun!) Look forward to exploring more of your blog. Cheers from Australia.


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