Weekend Beach Tales

We went to the beach for an overnighter this weekend. Ocean Shores. Far from our favorite beach, but it’s close to home, we like the rooms at Quinault Beach Resort, and we were extending the husband’s birthday celebration (which started with his actual bday on Friday).

Mr. is from Idaho and greets the beach like an eager puppy. I am from the Oregon coast, so am a bit more chill (unless it’s a Caribbean, Costa Rican or Hawaiian beach). He also has a knack of bringing sunshine to winter Washington and Oregon beaches. Until this last month. The mojo, magic, whatever you want to call it, seems to have dissipated. The weather when we went to beaches near Newport was decent, but we hit a king tide and couldn’t find a beach that looked safe enough to walk on. This beach trip it rained pretty much the whole time, though we lucked out shortly before we left town.

20200118 ocean shores-IMG_9103


We consistently choose Quinault Beach Resort for the rooms. The casino provides short-lived entertainment because we’re not big gamblers (read: cheap). I like to spend a few bucks on Milk Money, a slot machine with bonus rounds featuring cartoon cows being milked for cash. If the cow you select produces chocolate milk or eggnog it’s a much higher payout than whole or strawberry. Its delightful. But I’m usually either board or broke ($20 only goes so far) within an hour.

20200118 ocean shores-IMG_9112

We arrived around 2 and were able to immediately gain access to our spacious ocean view with fireplace room. We went downstairs for a bit so I could play with cows and we could fill a hydroflask with free soda. Then back up to the room to mix cocktails with the baby bottles of booze we brought.

20200118 ocean shores-IMG_9126

We spent a chunk of time playing board games, then turned the fireplace on and settled into read. Well, I read, I think the husband watched stuff on YouTube. We considered walking down to the beach, but it was getting dark and it was raining.

We had dinner at their “fancy” restaurant, which was not memorable. We do not go to Quinault for the food. I cook better than they do. Without a doubt.

20200118 ocean shores-IMG_9134

We returned to the room, had one more glass of wine and watched some tv before calling a night. At 10. Wild ones we are.

Sunday we awoke to….you guessed it…rain! I could see an eagle down on the beach, but my desire to stay dry was stronger than my photograph that eagle. Plus, I told myself it likely would have flown away before I got closer to take photos with my 70-200mm.

20200118 ocean shores-IMG_9152

After a leisurely morning we packed up and headed into town around 11 to get the husband a triple shot mocha. I told him I’d drive while he enjoyed his coffee, then he could drive home. He eyed me suspiciously and asked where we were going.

I have to admit, my fingers were itching to get the camera out. I mean, c’mon, no photos at the beach?! I drove us down to Damon Point, a lovely finger of land the juts into the entrance of North Bay. And you know what? It didn’t rain for the entire hour we were out there. Maybe Idaho has a little magic left.

20200118 ocean shores-IMG_9113

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