Day 12: Blood Orange Margarita

Happy New Year!  I hope your celebration was a good one!  Ours was just as we like it…low key.  Actually, I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about our last New Year’s, which was spent in a little house on Whidbey Island.  Such a great weekend.  This year was less eventful, primarily because the holiday fell on a Wednesday.  Who does that?!  However, if you’ve not noticed, all of the major holidays in 2020 fall on either a Friday or Saturday.  Don’t believe me?  Pull out your calendar…and celebrate.  It’s going to be a great year!

Since we had a large, beefy meal for Christmas we decided to go a different direction for NYE.  I gave the husband two options:  tamales or chile verde.  He chose tamales.  Good choice.  There is a local Mexican store/restaurant that makes amazing tamales, which made things super easy for me.  And, what goes with tamales?  Margarita, of course!

20191231 nisqually-IMG_8879

December brings with it delicious citrus.  Oranges, cuties, blood orange…you name it, it’s in season.  So, when I stumbled across a recipe for blood orange margarita the search for the perfect NYE drink ended.  Sold!

I wouldn’t have minded a deeper blood orange color, but it is what it is….delicious, no matter the color.  The original recipe called for simple syrup, but I substituted agave.  I also doubled the recipe as it claimed to represent two cocktails, but didn’t sound like two cocktails of the size I prefer.  I ended up with three generous cocktails, and since the husband doesn’t like tequila I enjoyed two in NYE and the final one on NYD.

20191231 nisqually-IMG_8873

Blood Orange Margarita

6 oz silver tequila
8 oz blood orange juice
4 oz lime juice
4 oz Cointreau
agave syrup to taste

Stir first four ingredients together.  Add a generous squirt of agave syrup.  Taste.  Add more.  Taste.  Taste.  Taste.


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