Day 10: Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco

Over the last week it has rained buckets here.  Not a drizzle, not a shower…Home Depot homer bucket buckets.  I tried googling to find out just how many inches we got, but I’m not finding specifics.  Enough to cause flooding ’round Western Washington.  Now, having witnessed first-hand the Kauai storm of 2018 that dumped 48 inches on the North shore in 24 hours the rain here looked like nothin’, but I try not to use that as the normal point of comparison.

When rain causes the water to rise an impressive local place to visit is Tumwater Falls Park.  It’s always a favorite of mine.  A nice little loop, rushing water, what’s not to love?  But, when the Deschutes river is raging it is indescribable.  So, after yoga on Saturday morning I headed to the falls, despite the ongoing rain.  Which was more of a shower at that point.  I was not disappointed.

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So, why would I make a summer drink on a day like that?  Well, remember, we started our Saturday with Day 9’s ginger hot toddy.  We warmed ourselves up, and then it was time to cleanse the palate.  I recognize that this is a rather unconventional holiday cocktail, but sometimes you need something a bit lighter to balance out all of the heavy flavors.  Plus, I bought limoncello from Trader Joe’s for an earlier cocktail and the store had raspberries on sale.  I found this recipe and, conveniently, also had a bottle of prosecco chilling in the fridge.

20191221 cmas-IMG_8634

The original recipe, brought to you by The Southern Thing, calls for a bottle of prosecco, a cup of limoncello, etc.  In hindsight, I should have just mixed the whole thing because we had two generous servings each and, all of a sudden, the bottle of prosecco was empty.  But, I started by mixing only one each because the husband doesn’t tend to be a huge fan of sparkly (!? I know!?), so I figured it would be one cocktail each…and then I would finish the prosecco on my own.  Nope.  He found them quite tasty.

My advice?  Mix the whole thing as described on The Southern Thing webpage.  Especially since my measurements are likely all kinds of off because, well, I didn’t measure.

20191221 cmas-IMG_8632

Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco

For one cocktail muddle 6-8 raspberries on the bottom of a generous-sized stemless wine glass.  Add approximately 2 ounces of limoncello.  Fill glass with prosecco (don’t mess around), float a few whole raspberries on top.  Taste, add more limoncello as you see fit.  Easy peasy!

PS Merriest of Merry Christmas!


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