Weekly Photo…whuh?!

WordPress has canceled their weekly photo challenge!  Say it ain’t so!!  (It is so).  We were invited to share our favorite photos.  Instead, I’m going to use this as a transition.  Turns out, I’m okay without the WordPress challenge because of two other challenges I’m involved in.  The first is a color chase challenge.  Every month a new color is selected (this month is coral/peach) and I (and others) chase that color around for 30 (or so days).  At the end of the month, we present our favorites in a grid.  I would share my grid from May, but the color was grey.  Grey!!??  In May??!!  One of the prettiest months of the year in the great Pacific Northwest?  So, I skipped it.

The other challenge is a P52 still life challenge.  Every week we’re presented a new theme.  Every.  Week.  Sounds familiar, yes?  So, how I switch out the weekly photo challenge for the P52 challenge?  Work for you?  Works for me.  Ummmm…what day will I post on?  Well, that may be a moving target.  How about I just make the commitment to post each week?  And, of course, I will continue with Wordless Wednesday.

With that said, no time like the present, right?  The theme for week 23 (which actually starts tomorrow) is bokeh.  How about this beauty, taken today in the rose garden at Point Defiance Park:

20180603 Point defiance-IMG_0370

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo…whuh?!

  1. A beautiful photo, Lanae! I’ve enjoyed the color chase challenge on instagram and facebook, May yielded a lot more gray than expected. There is not much engagement on the ccc facebook page…seems most of the photographers focus on cheeky children’s photos. I’m sad about the loss of WPC, but now that I host Sunday Stills photo challenge, I have enough to do. Is the P52 çhallenge on WordPress?


    1. Thank you! Yeah, the CCC is pretty quiet and definitely caters to a certain type of photographer, but I enjoy approaching it in my own way. P52 is not on WordPress.

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