Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

The challenge?  Share a photo of either sunrise or sunset.  I have to admit, I suffer from sunrise/sunset envy.  The husband and I live in a hole.  Not an actual hole.  That would be weird.  But, our house sits nestled amongst maples and alders.  Beautiful, but the property sits too low and too tree-filled for either sunrise or sunset.

What that means is that I have few opportunities to shoot either.  I mean, sure, I could seek them out…but that seems like a lot of work.  Thus, the envy.  However, every-once-in-a-while I get an opportunity.  Or two opportunities, as emerged a couple of weeks ago when we spent the weekend at the beach.  Sunsets, both Friday and Saturday night.

After taking a plethora of traditional sunset photos on Saturday night I started playing.  I pulled out a glass ball and captured the sun drifting low in the sky (click here to see the result).  Then I tried a bit of deliberate movement.  Winner, winner chicken dinner.  Sunset perfection.

Ocean Park-143-2

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