Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

I was going to go out to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge to shoot for this week’s photo challenge.  I didn’t make it.  It is a favorite place.  One of many.  This afternoon I actually wandered around another favorite place…the yard.  Odd, but true.

I am a homebody by nature.  As is the husband.  So, we feed each other’s inner hermit.  However, our beautiful home and property make it easy to stay home.  Our house sits on a little over two acres.  Truth be told, we’d like more property.  But, what we have is pretty darn nice.

So, I wandered about the property, camera in hand.  Small orange dog trotting at my side.  Okay, he’s a cat…but it’s obvious by the way he trails behind me that he has a healthy dose of dog in him.

Welcome to my favorite place…

spring flowers, etc-107

spring flowers, etc-77

spring flowers, etc-57

spring flowers, etc-87

spring flowers, etc-16



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