Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved

The challenge?  Share a photo of something beloved.  And here I am posting a photo of a flower.  Actually, in my world flowers are beloved.  But, when I think of the word beloved I most often think about people.  So, I considered posting a photo of a person.  Actually…confession…I initially considered posting a photo of the large orange cat.  I figured that might not go over so well with the husband.  What’s a girl to do?  Photo of the cat?  Photo of the husband?  Wait…then there’s the parents.  They’re beloved.  Very much so.  As are the grandparents.  The nieces and nephews.  Other assorted family members and friends.  I’m supposed to choose one?  You can now appreciate the struggle.  It is real.

Thus, the flower.  And a confession that there are too many in my life who are beloved to choose just one.


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