Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme

One (of many) things that I love about the Pacific Northwest is that there are always new outdoor spaces to explore.  The sheer number of hiking trails and parks makes the possibility of visiting each and every one in my lifetime highly unlikely.  However, I will do my best.

Which is why, when I was headed to a swim store deep in the recesses of Fircrest (think:  Tacoma) last weekend, I took a moment to Google nearby parks in the off-chance that there was a cool one near my destination.  Turns out there was!  Titlow Park.

20180120-Titlow Beach-50-2

When I told my husband I was going to check out Titlow Park he giggled.  They can grow into men, but a part of them will always be twelve-year-old boys.

20180120-Titlow Beach-6

Turns out Titlow was a winner.  I imagine in the summer this park is packed.  The beach is easily accessible, and there are irresistible views of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  However, on a drizzly January day the beach was empty.  Except for me and a smattering of birds.

20180120-Titlow Beach-43

Which brings us to this week’s photo challenge:  variations on a theme.  The theme?  That big ol’ bridge that I took many (many) photos of from various points along my walk.  How could I resist?

20180120-Titlow Beach-34


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