Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

The weather was quite beautiful here on Monday.  I had the day off, so after assorted errands and chores in the morning I headed to a local conservation area for a walk.  It appeared that others decided to take advantage of the weather, too, as the small parking lot at the trail head (which accommodates around a dozen cars) was full.  So much for my peaceful nature walk.

There are two ways to reach Woodard Bay from the parking lot:  a straight-shot down a paved road (limited to foot traffic only) or a nature trail through the woods, which meets up with the road shortly before the bay (and adds about a mile to the walk).  Obviously I selected the nature trail.  Obviously.

I expected the trail to be littered with noisy people, but, to my surprise, it was empty.  Absolutely empty.  Pleased, I took my time.  Sunlight filtered through the trees off-and-on.  Cobwebs shone in their rays.  Birds twittered here and there, but otherwise I was surrounded by silence.



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