Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

I love discovering new things at favorite places.  I have been to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge more times than I can possibly count.  It’s close to home, it changes beautifully with the seasons…I just love it.

At one time, the delta was held at bay by dikes and the area farmed.  Interesting, but true.  One (or, rather, two) noteworthy feature(s) remaining from that time is a set of twin barns, built in 1932.  They’re impressive, standing tall and weathered at the edge of the delta.  I’ve photographed them many times…from a distance.  Amazingly enough, I’ve never walked between them, or alongside them.  I think part of that is because there always seems to be people there.  And, it seems to be a favorite location of family photographers…senior photo photographers…engagement photographers.  You get the idea.  They can feel a bit overdone.

But, last weekend I stood before them just after dawn (don’t get too excited, dawn is a bit before 8 this time of year) and elected to pause rather than passing them by.  I took a few photos, trying out different angles.  This was one of my favorites.  I chose the black and white conversion to emphasize the weathered paint (what’s left of it) and the reflection of the winter trees in the broken window.

Note to self:  spend more time with the barns in the future.


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