Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites

Last week we were challenged to post our favorite photo from 2017.  And told there would not be a challenge for this week.  I took my time posting because last week at this time I was all in a frenzy trying to finish The 12 Intoxicating Days of Cocktails.  Then it was Christmas.  So, here we are.

Asking me to choose my favorite photo for 2017 is kind of like asking me to choose between the husband and the cat.  Impossible.

I could have easily posted an entire series of favorites, but thought I would go the purist route and select only one.  I should have mentioned that we were also encouraged to select a “meaningful” photo.  So I did.

I suspect that some of you loyal followers will be somewhat surprised by my selection.  2017 took us to Costa Rica and to the North Cascades.  Those, combined with beach trips, hiking trips and flower stalking resulted in some pretty nice photos.  But, I chose this rather unassuming photo of bear grass, taken on an early summer hike.  Why?

To me, bear grass heralds the beginning of summer in my beloved Pacific Northwest.  It’s a relatively early-bloomer (June or so) and pops out all along hiking trails.  It’s impressive, it’s stalk stands 1-5 feet tall.  It’s bloom…creamy white.  Bear grass promises that the rains of spring (and winter…and fall) have largely passed and that the summer hiking season has arrived.  And the summer BBQ season.  And the summer cocktail season.  And the summer picnic season.  You get the idea.

Thus…my favorite of 2017.  A photo that, on this cold day in December, reminds me that the rain is worth enduring in the PNW.  It keeps the forests lush and green.  And under the snow that’s now covering many of our favorite hiking trails, bear grass seeds lay dormant, waiting for summer.

20170708-Grand Park-133-4

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