Intoxicating Cocktails: Day Ten (Behind the Wizard’s Curtain)

Okay.  I totally half-assed it for this cocktail.  From a photography standpoint.  I have made a concerted effort, in previous entries, to present you with aesthetically pleasing cocktails.  Cocktails that, at a glance, you would want to make.  Until today.  Don’t get me wrong, you should still make this cocktail.  I just didn’t try real hard on the photos.

There’s a few reasons behind this:  first, I made it on a weekday evening.  After “one of those days”.  Which seem to be occurring on a relatively frequent basis these days.  Something to think about.  How did this impact the photo session?  Well, obviously it made me not so much in the mood to photograph…more in the mood to drink the cocktail.

Second, I’m on day ten, dear readers.  It’s the late-game slump.  I’m more interested in, as previously mentioned, mixing and drinking the cocktails than I am mixing, carefully photographing and then drinking the cocktails.  It is what it is.

Which is also why the measurements on this one are a bit iffy.  Wait…wait…don’t turn away in disgust.  “There’s no pretty photographs, she’s mixing willy-nilly…I’m done with her!”  Don’t be done with me.  We have two cocktails left!  We are in it for the long haul!  We’re committed to each other!  We can see the finish lane!  It might be slightly blurry at this point…but, darn it, we can see it!!

Maybe I should get to the booze before I lose you completely.

20171219-cmas drink-7

Today’s cocktail is a Pom-Cran Cosmo.  Who doesn’t love a cosmo?  It’s pretty, it’s sweet…always a winner.  Here are the basics:

Pom-Cran Cosmo

2 oz vodka
1/2 oz triple sec
1/4 oz lime juice
2 oz pom-cranberry juice (I didn’t have the blend, but I had pomegranate juice…and cranberry juice…so I did an ounce of each).

Shake all of the above in a shaker full of ice.  Makes one drink.  Cosmos are traditionally served in martini glasses, but I have these really pretty hand-painted Christmas wine glasses that I only get to use one month out of the year, so I poured it into a wine glass.  Shrug.

Oh, and I should confess that the above measurements are a slight guestimate because after mixing I felt it didn’t have enough lime…or vodka…or cran…so I added a bit more.  I increased the measurements in the recipe a bit to account for those extra splashes.  Again, mixing cocktails…an art, not a science.  At least in my opinion.

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