Intoxicating Cocktails: Day 6

Baileys flat white.  Need I say more?  I could type the recipe out, say absolutely nothing else…and that would be sufficient.

I am not a coffee person.  Tea, yes.  Chai lattes, most definitely.  Coffee….meh.  Love the scent, but the flavor does nothin’ for me.  When we went to Costa Rica this last spring I hoped beyond hope that I would fall in love with Costa Rican coffee.  I was disappointed to discover that Costa Rican coffee tastes like…well…coffee.  Bummer.

How to make coffee better?  Add Irish Cream and vodka.  Now you’re talking!  I do have to admit that I didn’t use Baileys because I’m too cheap to pay the price.  Carolan’s is just as tasty (in my opinion) and a lot cheaper.

20171208-cmas drinks-29

We started the evening with the Pomegranate Whiskey Sour highlighted in Day 5.  We finished the evening with Carolan’s Flat White.  It was a good night.  A good, good night.

Oh, and check out the cute, cute tree in the photos!  How cool is that!  I went to Home Goods to find a gift for a gift exchange.  I was successful, but also found a gift for myself.  It’s a hollow glass tree that sits on a pedestal.  I crammed fairy lights inside of the tree and….voila!…fantastically festive!

20171208-cmas drinks-21

Baileys (or Carolan’s) Flat White (modified from the Baileys website)

50 ml Carolan’s Irish Cream
25 ml vodka
25 ml strong black coffee (or espresso)

Make the coffee and allow to cool (I poured it into a small bowl and put it in the freezer for a bit).  Combine all of the ingredients and ice in a shaker and shake-shake-shake.  Pour into a martini glass and sip…blissfully.



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