Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky

The neighbors have llamas.  They’re fun.  They stop and stare when you drive by.  They come to the fence and stare down the driveway when you’re outside.  They are cat keepers (we never have to worry about the cat going up to the main road because he’s scared of the llamas and would have to pass by them to get to freedom).  And, they’re cheeky.

Last weekend I was outside wandering about with my camera (because that’s what I do) when I felt eyes upon me.  I looked up the driveway and, sure enough, three of them were casually watching me.  I walked up their direction and stood just outside their fence.  Two lost interest, but this one, with gorgeous curly locks, did not.  First, he kind of peeked around the tree:

20171203-cmas drinks, etc-44

Then he acted casual:

20171203-cmas drinks, etc-49

Then perturbed:

20171203-cmas drinks, etc-50

Then he stepped up for his close-up:

20171203-cmas drinks, etc-55



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