Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

We were in Oregon last weekend.  Visiting my family for Thanksgiving.  They live 6 miles inland from the coast and we always find ourselves at the beach at least once while in town.  We had one beautiful day while there and walked along the shore.  The next day the weather was…well…crap.  As to be somewhat expected on the Oregon Coast in November.  Despite that, we headed to Yaquina Bay Lighthouse because I wanted to play with slow shutter speed.

There’s something very serene about water captured at slow shutter speed.  Silky, soft…irresistible.  Add to that an impressive lighthouse sitting high above the beach and you’ve got a place that’s worth taking a moment to pause and breath.  As long as you’re wearing a raincoat.  🙂

20171125-Thanksgiving coastal shots-2

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