Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek

My first thought when I read the theme for this week’s photo challenge (peek) I considered trying to catch stalker-cat in action.  We have a large orange cat named Colby Jack who loves to play.  A favorite game involves various members of the family (him, primarily) hiding around corners waiting for his prey (the husband or I) to come around the corner so he can spring out at us.  He stalks us…we stalk him…a good time is had by all.  But, trying to photograph a stalker-cat in very low light (his preferred hunting ground) is difficult.

Instead (though probably not as exciting as photos of stalker-cat hunkered down, eyes dilated to epic proportions), how about a peek at the capitol of the great state of Washington?

This is actually a shot I most often take in the spring.  The trees in the foreground are flowering cherry trees and they are a sight to behold in spring.  A couple of weekends ago I was wandering about town capturing fall color and went to see what kind of show they put on this time of year.  Nowhere near as impressive as spring, but still pretty.  I also like how, due to the proximity of the capitol building, you can only really capture the dome (unless you had a wide angle much wider than mine).

20171022-autumn color-38

Step back (which, in this instance, was me wandering down the street) and you are greeted by an impressive view.  And it all started with a peek.

20171022-autumn color-29

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