Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

We were on vacation last week.  I have many (many) photos of exquisite outdoor landscapes, but very few (one) of windows.  Which I had forgotten I’d taken until I was going through photos last night.   Perhaps because I was drinking wine at the time.

The last two days of our trip were spent in Chelan, Washington.  Beautiful area.  Big on wine.  Chuck a rock, you’ll hit a winery.  Or an apple orchard.  Hopefully a winery.

This particular photo was taken from the tasting room at Nefarious Cellars.  Delightful name for a winery, yes?  With amazing views from its hillside above the lake.

It’s a window.  A nice one.  But, here’s hoping this week’s theme is more nature-oriented.  I have lots of photos for that.  🙂


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