Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner

And, in this corner…Freddy Frog.  Weighing in at 7 ozs, sitting at 2 inches tall his secret weapon is stillness.  Absolute stillness.  In the other corner…Colby Jack Flash.  Feline.  16 pounds of mellow fury.  Curious about anything that moves.

I got home yesterday evening and discovered this frog sitting the edge of the patio.  Not the smartest frog since I had just let the cat out the front door.  I grabbed my camera and began shooting, hoping that Mr. Mosey would take his time discovering that I was in the back yard.  Within 2 minutes I felt the soft brush of cat fur as I crouched on the ground. Camera in one hand, I gently shoved the cat with the other, hoping that he wouldn’t notice the frog.

Colby Jack is not a stone cold killer.  That wouldn’t occur to him.  But, he will play with things that move.  For instance, last weekend I saw him sitting vulture-like staring at something on the ground, pawing at it occasionally.  I went out and discovered the last two inches of a snake tail…still moving (we suspect the husband took it out with the lawn mower).  The cat was fascinated.  Later that same day, same pose…this time?  A potato bug crawling through the grass.

I knew that if he and the frog faced off that the frog would likely live, but would endure a lot of pawing and possibly and accidental puncture wound or two.  I managed to distract the cat, finish shooting, and assisted the frog in hopping across the yard to safety.  Mr. Mosey didn’t even notice.


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