Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Last weekend the husband and I visited my family on the Oregon Coast.  A visit wouldn’t be complete for the Idaho-born husband if we didn’t go to the beach.  Lucky for us, the weather was gorgeous.

Yes, the views of the ocean and the local lighthouse were beautiful, but it was the sand “waves” that held me captive.  I took multiple photos, but there is something about the simplicity of this one that jazzes me.  The texture of the grass, the texture of the sand. Just makes me want to spread out a towel, grab a book and dig through a cooler for a frosty beverage.

One question, though….color?  Or black and white?



15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

      1. Yes I think I agree with you. I am not experienced in technical photography and I wonder what could have been done differently to achieve that contrast? Or is it just the luck of the natural lighting on the day?


      2. So as a non-technical photographer, I am assuming this was shot on film? as I would assume that anything digital, you would be able to go back to a saved original to try again-or am I completely barking up the wrong tree? Fascinating!


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