Moments in the Sun

It was 95 degrees here on Sunday.  You read that right.  A nine followed by a five.  Now, for those sweltering in 115 degree heat that’s nothing, but for those of us used to the mild climate of the Pacific Northwest…that’s dang hot.

I spent Sunday afternoon lounging on a blanket in the shade of the backyard reading. The cat joined me, wandering a bit before flopping down and complaining.  In his world I control everything…including (apparently) the weather.

Sunday morning, before it got too hot, we took advantage of gorgeous blue skies and went for a walk out at the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge.  Such a beautiful morning.  Thought I’d share with you a few photos from that morning.

Oh, and today?  Expected high of 74.  That’s quite a difference.  78 would be perfect, but I’ll take 74 over 95 any old day.







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