Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Tack-sharp focus has long (well, for the two years since I’ve been serious about this hobby) been an elusive thing for me.  I’m not saying my photos are out-of-focus, but some (landscapes in particular) are certainly not as sharp as others.  And then I bought a macro lens.  Ha!  I thought focus was difficult in landscape photography?  Well, move over, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Macro photography would be much easier if I could go for long periods of time without breathing.  If my hands were as steady as they were twenty years ago (leave it to macro photography to make 44 feel old).  Sure, I could use a tripod…but what fun would that be?  I’d rather stand there, steady my breathing, suck my elbows into my sides, adjust the focus a hair’s breadth…a little more…ahhhh…focus…and then a breeze comes up.

Every-once-in-a-while, though, the bee turns just the right direction, the wind dies down, the aperture is just where I want it and a very small world comes into focus.

20170610-Ocean Park-57-2

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

  1. Lovely photo! I haven’t moved to a macro lens yet, but I love macro. I only tend to use a tripod for long exposure and if there were a way around that, I wouldn’t use one even then! 🙂


  2. I selected the same subject for this challenge but your photo (being super sharp) puts mine to shame. I will have to put my compact camera to one side and try my other half macro lens (and camera!).


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