Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend

I immediately knew who’s photo I was going to share when this weeks’ challenge was friend.  I have a gazzilion or so.  But, I wanted a fresh one.  Which, proved difficult when the friend didn’t want to venture from my side when he finally came outside.  It’s tough being a cat when your humans are power washing the house and washing windows. Ruins an entire day.  For a cat.

After a few photos like this:

20170603-Peony, daisy, CJ-26

20170603-Peony, daisy, CJ-27

20170603-Peony, daisy, CJ-28

I finally got a winner…when he tired of following me around.  Meet Colby Jack.  He’s orange…like cheese.

20170603-Peony, daisy, CJ-31

Then I wiggled a fern to get his attention and the pounce came out…butt wiggle included.

20170603-Peony, daisy, CJ-33


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