East of the Mountains

The weather sucked this last weekend.  Rain.  Sun.  Rain.  Sun.  Rain, rain, rain.  Today?  90% chance of rain.  Almost makes me welcome going to work.

Thus, I spent much of the weekend post-processing photos.  I’m rather sick of it, truth be told.  I understand that I sank my own battleship and dug my own hole when I took over 2000 photos on our recent trip to Costa Rica, but, good grief, it’s a lot of work.

20170510-Tri Cities-6
First time I’ve seen the mountain in months!!

But, don’t worry, I am persevering.  Still have more stories to tell and photos to share.

Let’s take a brief break from Costa Rica, shall we?

20170510-Tri Cities-32

Late last week I spent a couple of nights in Richland, WA for work.  Land of Washington wine.  Yum.  Yes, I did bring some home with me (did you even really have to ask?).  I drove over Hwy 12 (White Pass on Wednesday afternoon).  It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful drive.

20170510-Tri Cities-20

We’ve had a lot of rain this year, and Central Washington has benefited from that as well. I’ve been to the Tri-Cities before in May, but have not seen it this green before.  It was lovely.

20170510-Tri Cities-19-2

I arrived at my hotel in the late afternoon to 80+ degree weather (yes, yes, yes!).  I stayed at the Hampton Inn, which is right (right!) on the edge of the mighty Columbia river.  I strolled along the river, then headed up town for dinner.

20170510-Tri Cities-130

I found a cute little bakery/cupcake shop/bistro and sat on their patio enjoying a glass of wine and a goat cheese and beet salad.  I took cupcakes back to my room for dessert (though I chucked them on the ground in their container as I bobbled my camera and had to scrape the icing off the top of the container and back on to the cupcakes.  Sigh.  And, the cupcakes weren’t fantastic.  Double sigh).

20170510-Tri Cities-51

After dinner I discovered that the well-stocked gift shop in the hotel sold a nice variety of local wines, so I bought a bottle and sat out on the patio until almost dark enjoying the heat and views.


20170510-Tri Cities-122

Thursday was much cooler (and I optimistically only brought summer dresses with me), but that was okay as I was in a convention center all day.  Thursday evening I joined co-workers at the restaurant of a local winery for some fantastic food and equally tasty wine.  We watched a storm roll through that evening…wind, rain.  I mentioned the summer dresses, right?

20170510-Tri Cities-96

Friday was cooler than Thursday, but I again was in the convention center until it was time to head home.  I stopped in Prosser for Chukars cherries and in Naches for fresh asparagus and made the long trek home.  There are worse places to go for a couple days of work.

20170511-Tri Cities-10

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