Weekly Photo Challenge: Dense

The densest thing in Western Washington these days?  Rain.  According to a news article earlier this week, almost 16 inches of rain fell in our area in February and March.  That’s the most rain we’ve had in those two months in 120 years.  Let’s hope it’s 120 more before it happens again.

April has started in typical fashion:  rain.  But, at least we can chant, “April showers bring May flowers,” which sounds all hopeful.  In between showers today I went out into the yard to find “dense.”  So much to choose from:  moss, trees, ferns.  However, I found myself captivated (which means I took a lot of photos) by the rain drops so perfectly held in the long leaves of a lily plant.  If rain is going to be dense it should at least be pretty.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Dense

  1. Beautiful capture and close-up. Those raindrops look like crystals on those lush green leaves 🙂 That is quite a bit of rain you got there of late since you usually don’t get too much of it. Here in Australia we’ve been getting a lot of rain too now that we are in autumn, heading into winter. I wish the warmer weather would stick around… Then again, our winters are generally much milder than yours 🙂


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