Shiny Things

The husband’s parents came to visit this weekend.  Yup.  Back-to-back parents (mine were in town last weekend).  That’s a lot of parents (love you, Mom).  And, in typical Pac NW fashion, it rained both weekends.  Actually, tomorrow is supposed to be nice, but the in-laws are leaving tomorrow morning.  So, today…mostly rain.

Today we decided to go to the LeMay car museum up in Tacoma.  It was either there or the Washington history museum, also in Tacoma.  I was hoping for the car museum because, since visiting last year (read all about that here) I’ve acquired a wide angle and a macro lens.


That about sums it up.


Now, I may have said to the husband, as we strolled through the museum, that I think that I am completely fulfilled with a macro and a wide angle.  He asked, “Forever?”  I was quick to correct myself because, really, isn’t there always some lens or other photographic flim-flammery that we want?  Maybe not in the forefront of ones mind, but percolating…deep in the recesses of ones grey matter.

I digress.

The car museum.


I am not a car person.  Don’t really care about cars.  Except that I would like a new one to replace my much-loved 2005 Toyota Corolla, that I bought brand-new…a whole lot of years ago.  Shiny.  New.

This is the one I want.  That color…those curves.

Which is what I like about the car museum.  Shiny.  Old.  Curvy.  Beautiful colors.  Sherbet. Primary.  Pastel (wait…is that the same thing as sherbet?).  Nonetheless, even a non-car connoisseur can appreciate the beauty that is contained within the car museum.


I found myself switching lenses (and wishing for a second camera body.  See what I mean about always wanting another camera gidgity-gadget?  Point made) on a fairly regular basis.  The broad expanse of the hoods of old Chevys and Lincolns and Fords begged for the wide angle.  The hood ornaments screamed for the macro.  Far be it from me to deny the cars their requests.


It was fun!  I crouched, I stood, I twisted, I turned.  The husband and the in-laws patiently waited for me when I lingered just a little too long admiring the shiny curves of cars of the past.


Fun.  Lots of fun.  And tomorrow?  Should I tell you?  Because I’m feeling a little giddy. Sunny.  You read right.  SUNNY!!!!  And 51 degrees!  Pull out those shorts, Western Washingtonians, it’s a heat wave!!!!  Whoo-hoo!!



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