Christmas in…March?

Not many photos to show for myself this week.  For a couple of reasons:  first, the persistent, consistent, steady rain has largely kept me housebound these last few weekends (oh, will it ever stop?).  Second, the parents came into town so my time was spent with them instead of behind the camera.  Always a good time.

However, I couldn’t resist taking a few minutes to shoot the multiple parts of my blooming amaryllis.  Amaryllis?  In March?  Yes.

For some reason it was a tough season for amaryllis bulbs.   The first I purchased and planted in late November did nothing.  Zip.  The second I purchased and planted in late December (I actually bought two at the time, but planted one).  Up sprouted a beautiful plant…and absolutely not flowers.  I planted the final bulb in early February and…Christmas has finally arrived.  A little late.  Or a little early, depending upon how you look at it.

Here are a few up-close-and-personal views of an amaryllis.  Tune back in tomorrow for my personal favorite of the bunch.  🙂  A teaser.  Don’t you love teasers?







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