Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

Well, this one is right up my alley, isn’t it (hint:  check the title of the blog)?  Wish.  And, I suspect a great many of us are wishing for the same thing:  spring.

20170304-amaryllis, crocus-34

Last night the weatherman (proudly, it seemed) proclaimed that the last dry day here in beautiful Western Washington occurred on February 22nd.  He proceeded to (gleefully) announce that there’s no end in sight for the rain.

May cats and dogs rain down upon your head, Mr. Weatherman.

The only brightness in this incessant dripping, driving, pouring rain are the crocus.

I love spring flowers.  Tulip, daffodil, crocus, hyacinth.  They’re pretty much my favorite. Well, add dahlia and hydrangea in there.  I love spring flowers for obvious reasons:  they’re the first bright pop of color after a long dreary winter.  They’re gorgeous.  They’re cheerful.

I love to see them pushing optimistically through the ground in January.  Through sleet, snow and rain…they’re like a big middle finger to winter.    “There is hope!” they seem to say, “We’re coming whether you like it or not, winter!”

Ah, spring….here’s to you!

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