Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

“Show something surprising on the road taken,” instructs the weekly photo challenge.  The last two weeks have, indeed, been surprising…all of it on familiar ground.

Do you know how many photos of flowers I have taken since acquiring my “big kid” camera almost two years ago?  Too many to count.  Way…too…many…to…count.  It’s a familiar path, a comfortable passion.

Just a snidge under two weeks ago I purchased a macro lens (click here to read the story). To say my world has been rocked is dramatic, but true.


Now, the bummer is that there aren’t many flowers around this time of year.  A few crocus, but that’s about it.  Until my small, unassuming Christmas cactus decided to bloom.  It’s bloomed before.  I’ve admired it.  Life went on.  But, I seem to be viewing everything through macro-eyes these days, which means I about worked myself into a lather when one of the blossoms unfurled.

Familiar territory?  Yup.  Wicked new spin on the wonderful world of flowers?  Most definitely!  (Is it appropriate, every time I push the shutter release, to whisper, “Kapow!”?)



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