Weekly Photo Challenge: Names

This week’s challenge?  Names.  My entry?  A complete accident.  In fact, when I read the challenge it didn’t hugely interest me and I was actually going to skip it altogether.  But, this morning I stopped briefly (very briefly as it was 24 degrees outside.  This weather has got. to. stop) at a local park to take some photos of geese.  As the old Tumwater brew house sits right there, I took a few shots of it as well.  I was just going through the photos and this one leapt out at me.  Names.

The Old Brew House was built in 1906.  You can read its complete history here.  It’s a gorgeous piece of local history that, unfortunately, has been vacant and has fallen into disrepair over the years.  It feels appropriate to show it off and give it a nod.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Names

  1. Funny, the first of these responses I clicked on was from someone who lives just South of me (I’m in Everett). Tumwater Falls Park is my husband’s favorite place, and he took me there shortly after we started dating in 2001! We were there in August, for a summer picnic with our Ricochet.com friends. Thank you!


    1. Hello, neighbor to the North! I’m lucky enough to have a number of gorgeous parks here, and Tumwater Historical and Tumwater Falls are two gems. You’re welcome and thank you!


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