On the Sixth Day of Christmas…

Halfway there!  I’m having a heck of a good time…how about you?  And, since I confessed my lack of food-blogging abilities in my last post I thought I would embrace it in this post and share a photo of the “reality” of the kitchen counter when I’m mixing cocktails.

Actually, that’s the cleaned up version.  I pulled the blue dishrag out of the photo after mopping up the drips and drops from the cranberry juice.  Check out the fancy Grand Marnier bottle, though.  Fancy booze for this holiday season (please ignore the vat of tequila…I had nothing to do with that…I wouldn’t buy a jug of liquor that large. Nope…not me).

The sixth (and seventh) day of Christmas came about as the result of taco night.  One taco…two different margaritas.  Fa-la-la!!

The first of the evening:  Cranberry Orange Margarita (and check out Lexi’s beautiful photographs.  Food blogger envy….).  Verdict?  Tasty.  Boozy.  Tasty.  But, not earth-shaking.  But, check out the Mexican glasses that the husband got me for my birthday. Gorgeous, yes?  And perfect for margarita!!


Cranberry Orange Margarita (makes 2 good-sized ‘ritas)

3/4 c tequila
1 1/2 c cranberry juice
1/4 c fresh squeezed orange juice
1/8 c Grand Marnier
1 tblsp maple syrup

Mix together.  Serve over ice with a slice of orange.  With tacos.  Or burritos.  Or tamales. Feliz Navidad!!

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