On the Fifth Day of Christmas…

I made peppermint hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps and real whipped cream…for lunch.  Stand back, Frosty!

So, something has been clear to me since I started this series:  I am not a food blogger.  I’d love to be a food blogger.  Food bloggers post scrumptious recipes accompanied by mouth-watering photos.

Here’s why it is unlikely that I will ever be a food blogger:  a) taking photos of food and drink is more difficult than it appears and b) I am usually hungry and/or thirsty when photographing food or drink.  Case in point:  Frosty’s Special Cocoa.  I found myself thinking, “It’s going to get cold…it’s going to get cold…and I can’t heat it up or the whipped cream will melt…”

It also seems that the staging of food or beverages for photographic purposes is much more difficult than one would expect.  Case in point:  the whipped cream in Frosty’s Special Cocoa.  I envisioned a tall peak of whipped cream with festive red and green sugar sprinkles.  Reality?  The whipped cream was heavier than anticipated.  It kerplunked…submerged….and took the form of a quickly melting iceberg.  I added a final blurp on top, sprinkled the sugar, and began shooting.  The results?  Well…not gorgeous. A bit melty…like Frosty would be if left in a warm room.  But, tasty.  Very tasty.

And, yes, we’re loading peppermint upon peppermint here.  How can one go wrong with that?  Trader Joe’s puts out a delightful Peppermint Hot Chocolate every Christmas. Actually, Trader Joe’s puts out a whole load of delightful Christmas goodies.  Get thee to Trader Joe’s…post haste!

Ready for the recipe?  Here goes….


Frosty’s Special Cocoa (serves one)

8-10 oz milk
3 tblsp Trader Joe’s Peppermint Hot Chocolate
1 oz peppermint schnapps
Heavy cream for whipping
festive sprinkles

Heat milk in a microwave-safe mug.  Stir in the hot chocolate and schnapps (you may want to toss it back in the microwave for some additional heating after adding the schnapps.  I usually do).  Whip cream,  blurp on top of cocoa, add sprinkles.  Warm, minty deliciousness!!  Would be a fantastic drink to consume while decorating a Christmas tree.

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