Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

This week I was invited to consider new horizons…to get a jump on New Year’s resolutions.  The assumption?  That I make New Year’s resolutions.  Which I don’t.  My personal philosophy:  why set myself up to fail in the shiny new year?  Cynical?  I prefer realist.  And I’m willing to bet there are a lot of you out there just like me.

So, I looked back into the archives for a horizon that was new to me this year.  Like how I did that?  And I found this little gem, taken in the Washington Palouse earlier this year. An area that I had not explored before.  And an area that I definitely want to explore more.

Here’s to new horizons!





12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

  1. I am with you, I do not set New Year’s resolution. Instead I reflect back on the year & look ahead at the coming year. I think about things that are important to me & what I would like to include in my life for the upcoming year. Without setting stringent goals I allow myself room to grow & change.


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