On the First Day of Christmas…

Those of you who have been following me for a while (thanks, by the way) may recall that last December I did a series entitled The Cocktails of Christmas (check out archives for December 2015 if you want to see what I was drinking).  I’m revisiting this delightful tradition this year…and upping the anty.

Welcome to…The Twelve Boozy Beverages of Christmas.  Twelve cocktails for my enjoyment (and yours) over the course of this holiday season.  Whoo-hoo!  I’m excited, how about you?  Of course, I’m also currently working on number two of cocktail number one (if I happened to post this in the morning I’d like to go on the record to say that I’m writing this on a Friday evening.  And I deserve two cocktails.  Possibly three.  It’s been a week).

This evening I stopped at the local Value Village.  Just for you. Because The Twelve Boozy Beverages of Christmas (let’s just refer to this as TTBBOC…because that’s somehow simpler…right?) requires a variety of glasses, right? Do you know you can get martini glasses at Value Village for 99 cents each?!  You can.  Just sayin’.  And highballs for the same.


Enough blatherin’, let’s get to beverage number one….Pomegranite Cosmopolitan. Question:  should one be allowed to drink cosmopolitans if they had to double-check the spelling of the word “cosmopolitan” before typing it?  Adult prerogative (in my defense, I didn’t have to look up prerogative).

I have Hip Foodie Mom to thank for this one.  Well, crap…I spelled pomegranate wrong in the above paragraph.  So much for that college education.  But, again in my defense, I have a degree in history.  How often have you seen the words “pomegranate” and “cosmopolitan” occur in a history text book?  Or in a college student’s vocabulary? “Hamm’s” and “Boone’s Farm,” yes…pomegranate cosmopolitan…not so much.  I digress.

Wait…where was I?

It’s a good boozy cocktail.  I halved the recipe and added a little additional pom when the first taste stripped my tongue of all feeling (okay, I’m being a little dramatic, but it’s a pretty potent drink…or I’m just a lightweight).  So, here’s my take on Hip Foodie’s recipe:

Pomegranate Cosmo:

1 c. vodka
1/2 c grand marnier
3/4 c pom juice
1/4 c freshly squeezed lime juice
lime peels for garnish (unnecessary unless you’re trying to impress someone)

Combine.  Put it in a cocktail shaker with some ice.  Shake.  Pour into a pretty martini glass.  Happy Boozy Holiday!!!!!




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