Two Words…

Rainy weekend.

The great state of Washington can be a tough place for an outdoor photographer to live in the winter.  And, by winter I mean from October through June.  The rainy season.  I may have to invest in some sort of raincoat/condom wrapper for my camera.  I’m sure there’s a more technical description than that.  But, that’s all I’ve got at the moment.

In spite of the rain I managed to get out for walks both yesterday and today.  Yesterday I did the nature trail out at Woodard Bay.  Today a girlfriend and I went out to Nisqually. Yesterday I got wet.  Today I did not, though the wind was blowing hard enough out on the delta to make my eyes dry out.


However, even in less-than-ideal conditions the Pacific Northwest is showy.  The rain makes the leaves shine, the ferns grow and the moss quiver with delight.


So, a few pretty photos to share.  Not much to say.  Quiet weekend.  The trek to Woodard Bay confirmed that I am going to have to take my camera in to have the sensor cleaned very soon.  I put my neutral density filter on the lens and…holy sensor spots, batman.  I’ve been dodging and burning some, but it became obvious that I’m not going to be able to use the ND until I get professional help.  It wasn’t awful until I went to Santa Fe.  Lots of lens changes in dusty places.  Hopefully I won’t have to go without camera for very long.  Pretty sure withdrawal will set in quickly.


Ummm…that’s about it.  Oh, except the large orange cat.  The one who insists upon going outside, though he doesn’t like to get his feet wet.  Which results in a lot of tip-toeing.  He then brings his wet feet into the garage…and uses the litter box (because he can’t possibly poop outside…animals poop outside)…and then wanders around complaining and flicking his feet because, well, litter clumps to wet toes.  Sigh.  It’s going to be a long winter.


Hope your weekend was a good one!  4:30…seems like it’s time for a glass of wine.  Or a hot toddy.  Glass of wine.  Hot toddy.  Both?


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