A Few Final Thoughts…

I shared about my final day in Santa Fe here after unexpectedly having an extra day added to my trip.  So, what is there left to say about my NatGeo experience?

It was amazing.

Am I suddenly an incredible photographer who doesn’t even have to think?  I just click the button and magic happens?


The experience added to my knowledge base and introduced me to Ralph and Carlan, two amazing, warm, funny, incredible photographers.

A final few, wishingmylifeaway.com

It’s leading me into new directions.  I’ve joined Instagram.  Because it turns out there’s a whole lot going on over there.  Of course, Instagram also solidifies the fact that everyone (and I do mean everyone) and his brother has a camera (or an iphone) and fancies themselves a photographer.

Which begs the question:  do I intend to make a career of this?

Well, I can tell you that there was nothing more that I wanted to do, upon my return, than quit my job, immerse myself in photography and try to make a go of it.  But…take a look at Instagram.  Google “photographers”.  The pool overfloweth, my friends.  And we have “early out” retirement plans.

Where does that leave me?  Doing this.  Talking with you.  Sharing photos with you. Apparently sharing photos on Instagram.  Hiking, traveling, crawling around on the ground…all with my camera around my neck.  Drinking it in, living it up, learning more each week.  Not a bad gig, if you ask me.

a final few, wishingmylifeaway.com

But, if NatGeo ever knocks on my door….I’ll be ready.


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