New Neighbors of the Camelid Kind

The husband and I have been somewhat apprehensive over the last week and a half or so.  A few months ago the llama (who we named Larry years ago.  We never did find out that llama’s real name) that lived on the property that butts up against our driveway disappeared.  We feared the worst.

One day not long after the husband happened to be working in the yard near the fence where he was approached by the grown son of the little old lady who lived there.  He confirmed that Larry had, indeed, passed away.  And that the little old lady had followed within a week or so.

The property has been vacant since then, except for receiving occasional maintenance. The husband heard from the neighbor who butts up on the other side of the property that the kids were embroiled in a dispute over what to do with the house and land.  So, it surprised us to see metal fencing delivered to the property late last week.


Hey, lady, who are you?

Now, we are not opposed to animals in fields.  But, one of the fields kisses an edge of our property that is a) visible from the house and b) possible smellable/hearable from the house.  Larry was a very quiet llama.  There are a lot of animals that are not so quiet.

The way the fencing was set up within the existing fencing led us to believe that the new resident would likely be goats.  We think goats are funny.  There’s a place that I pass by on my way to and from work every day that has at least a dozen miniature goats and they’re always out there bounding around.  However, goats can be noisy.  Would they provide enough entertainment to counteract their noise?  We weren’t certain.

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Yesterday morning we got up and headed our typical Saturday morning directions…the husband to the gym for spin class, me downtown for yoga.  As I came down the driveway on my way home I saw that our new neighbors had arrived.  An animal that we had not even considered.

I excitedly made my way into the house, calling for the husband.  “Alpacas!”  I declared. He grinned and nodded his head.  We chatted for a few minutes about the new neighbors, both excited and relieved.  Alpacas will be fun!  And they’re photographic!  Plus, there are  7 of them (I think).  I’m thinking Mo, Larry, Curly, Squiggy, Lenny, LaVerne and Shirley…but those names are subject to change as I get to know them a bit better.


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