Old Adobe

My initial plan for this evening was to share about my day at Tent Rocks and around Santa Fe.  But, this evening, after a meal of pork tamales with spicy red and green chile sauce (oh, Southwest, how I love you) and a margarita strong enough to mellow even me (and that’s saying something) I arrived at the place I will be staying at for the remainder of my visit.  And you need to meet this place.

Linda, the very kind and very talkative owner of the property, rattled off the history and I didn’t catch a lot of it (perhaps it was that margarita).  But, I caught that this beautiful adobe structure was built in the 1870’s by a wealthy merchant.  And that the book case to my right (as I sit on the couch…sipping wine) was once the doorway to the old ladies bedroom.  And that she had a canary and some other exotic animals and the canary, upon it’s death, was entombed in the wall also to my right.  The roof?  Original, with metal laid over it.


I tilt my head back and look up at the boards and beams that make up the ceiling and they’re bowed and I can see the adobe through some of the cracks.  Linda said a bit of adobe dirt sometimes showers down.  And the floors creak.  I love creaky floors.  So much character.  So much history.


I will awake tomorrow morning to boards and beams high above my head.  And I will stretch and smile and be a little blissed out.  I love history.


After getting settled in and pouring that aforementioned glass of wine I lit a fire in the adobe fireplace…..


Does life get better than this?  Well, it would be better….if my love was sitting next to me on the couch.


I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.  Tomorrow evening:  registration and opening dinner for the photography workshop.


I will tell you all about tent rocks later.  I promise.  Because it was gorgeous.


Hope the old lady doesn’t haunt the place.


3 thoughts on “Old Adobe

    1. And, if I can get my act together tomorrow morning I’m going to go to yoga at a local studio before checking out the Tuesday Farmer’s Market. 🙂


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