Victoria After Dark

Hey, look what I found in the archives…a last (misplaced) blog about Victoria.  I shared a  couple of photos of Victoria taken after dark in prior entries, but wanted to compile them in one easily-accessible location because…well…I like them. I’ve done very little night photography, so it was fun to haul out the tripod and hoof it around town.  Oh, and the two goofballs at the end?  Those were just leftovers that I overlooked in previous entries.  We look pretty darn happy with ourselves.







These were taken on Sunday afternoon after we returned to Butchart Gardens.  We proceeded to wander about the city again, adding additional miles to our feet simply because we could.  We finally decided we’d had enough and bellied up to a pub that had convenient street-side seating.  A beer for him, a cider for me, and a whole city full of people to watch roll by.



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