Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest

The official Weekly Photo Challenge has returned.  This week?  Quest.  Definition?  A long or arduous search for something.

My response?  A photo of clouds reflecting in the waters of the Nisqually Delta a couple of weekends ago.  High tide seems to be an elusive creature for me out at the Delta (a beautiful boardwalk winds its way out over the mudflats.  At high tide it feels like you’re walking on water.  At low tide…not so much).  There’s a part of me that doesn’t believe that there are two high tides a day, because I swear I’ve only been out on that boardwalk for like three high tides in the dozens of times that I’ve been out there.  It’s a real head scratcher.  Thus, my on-going quest…for high tide…so I can capture photos like this…..


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