Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

“Few elements define a photo more than the point of view you choose for it. I don’t have a favorite way to frame my shots, but I’ve noticed that I’m often drawn to visual borders and dividers. Give me a wide-open landscape, and I feel unmoored (and my iPhone camera, inadequate). Throw in some demarcating line between me and what I see, and things start to fall into place.”  Ben, Weekly Photo Challenge:  Edge

I’ve been working on processing photos from our trip to Victoria last weekend (which, since I’m doing a bit more post-processing than before, coupled with the fact that I took a zillion photos that I’m culling through, makes it a bit of a slow process) and was hoping that when I read what the challenge was that one would immediately come to mind.  It happened.  Whoo-hoo!

weekly photo challenge, wishingmylifeaway.com

This lighthouse sits out at the end of the Ogden Point Breakwater, a 1/2 mile long breakwater that stretches across the entrance to Victoria Harbour.  You can read about the fascinating history here.

The problem is that the breakwater is not that wide.  And, it’s popular.  Which makes getting a photo with not people in it problematic.  But, a really cool feature of the breakwater is that you have a choice of two places to walk:  the concrete superstructure (which is like walking down a sidewalk) or granite blocks that sit down below the superstructure.  We walked out up top and came back on the blocks.

Once down below I turned and there sat the lighthouse above me…with no people on one side.  I scrambled with my camera and took a few shots.  I really like how the railing leads the eye to lighthouse.  It also creates a nice edge, don’t you think?

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